3up - Day Two - Lost All Oil on Strom


Today Brian, Bonnie and Charlie joined Karla Gulliver and I for our Big Adventure Loop.
Initially the road started a bit on the rocky side, but that is no problem for the clearance on the KTM and the DRs.



Charlie - DOD Over a bit of rocky terrain...

Me, and Gulliver (Karla on the Camera) As usual, pictures don't ever do justice to the difficulty level, or the "pain in the butt" factor. We really didn't know what to expect of this trail, as none of us had ridden it before.



This was to turn out to be a great chance for Bonnie to put into practice her ever-expanding dirt skills and get some experience on some more challenging trails.


Sometimes the road just about disappeared.

Soon we were on FR 95 and things were smooth

Following FR715B...

...Will take you to the Moqui Fire Lookout Tower

It was a long hike to the top

But the views from the top make the climb worth it

I think I see Canada!!! ;-)

I'm on top of the world

Lucky Birds. Notice the pully system used to bring things to the top of the tower

Humming Birds can be very territorial. This guy kept trying to chase off the others

No dogs allowed on the tower. Gulliver was not impressed

Back on FR 95

The views from 95 of the canyon are amazing

After riding for a few miles we stopped at this spot to see if there was another photo op. Little did I know that there would be lots as a roadside repair was going to be necessary. Charlie asked if my bike was leaking any fluids as he saw a large oil streak a couple miles back. As I checked my bike started smoking really bad. We pulled over and started to investigate.

At first glance we saw no damage, just tons of oil everywhere. To investigate further required removal of the bash plate. Nice work bench eh? Luckily Brian had the right size wrench...

Gulliver always happy to supervise

After looking for damage all over the casing, I noticed it seemed to be missing a rather important piece; THE OIL PLUG! A few days before I had taken the bike in to have the oil changed. Had thought about doing it myself, but the garage is 115F with no air flow, so I "thought" the "smart idea" was to take it to the shop and let them do it. Well they obviously didn't put the plug back on with a torque wrench as the plug was gone and no where to be found.

She had lost all her oil and was unridable. At this point we were not even sure the engine had not been damaged. Our only option at this point was to find an oil plug and oil, or trailer it out. Charlie decided to hunt for cell reception as Brian went back looking for the lost plug. The oil slick actually started 2 miles back and ended 1 mile back. OUCH! That means the the bike went almost 1 mile with no oil.

Since Charlie was off looking for cell reception, and Brian had no luck finding the plug we decided I would borrow Bonnie's DR 350 and make a daisy chain with my cell phone to Charlie to see what the options would be. After calling all the local dealers/shops we had no luck. However after calling we did find a plug up in Flagstaff. So Charlie set out to Flagstaff to our rescue. I returned to Karla, Gulliver, Brian and Bonnie eating lunch. Luckily we had packed for an all day adventure and it was obvious that we were in for that.


After waiting several hours the skies started changing. We decided there was no reason for everyone to wait for Charlie, so we decided to send a small possy back to the camp site to get a car and start transporting people and part back to camp. So Karla, Gulliver, Brian and Bonnie all left me and the beast to wait for Charlie (in the Rain). The rain was brief, just long enough for one last photo opt. After about 5 hours of down time Charlie arrived on his white horse, eh orange KTM I mean, with 1 oil plug and 3 qts of oil. It took only a couple minutes to get the plug back in and get the oil filled back up. Then came the moment of truth; would she start without any knocking. I pushed the start button and NOTHING. Oh turn the engine switch on you dumb ass. Ok let's try this again. The next push of the button and music to my ears. I have never been so happy with the sound of her purr!!! We get the tools thrown in the side case (yes not put away, that can happen tomorrow), and Charlie and I head off. After several miles of pushing her hard she sounded no worst for the wear. Soon it was time for Charlie (our hero) to split off and head back to his family. I headed off back to camp where I knew I had several cold ones waiting to great me. I got back to camp just as it got dark to the comment from my wife, "oh good, just in time to cook the hamburgers." So glad she missed me!


Thanks again to Charlie for riding all the way to Flagstaff for a $4.00 part and saving the day. Also thanks for noticing and taking the time to check my bike. Any further and I am sure the engine would have been toast! Thanks also to Bonnie for letting me ride the DR350 for cell reception and to get the car! I really love that little bike and I got dibs if you ever decide to sell it!

Also thanks to Karla who is always there with a smile no matter how the adventure turns out. I couldn't ask for anything more!