Wrench Party at Bill's

Sunday we went to our friend's house for a 'wrenching party.' Our friend, Bill, does all his own work and maintenance on his BMW Dakar, and knew what to do to Dave's bike. For mine, we had bought a DVD from the Ural dealer to learn how to do the service and maintenance on my rig. I have been really wanting to become a bit educated about the mechanics of the bike. I am tired of being ignorant in this department, and everyone kept saying what an easy bike it is to work on because of the basic engine design. Basically, the lack of new fangled technology, really. I was due for an oil change. Dave was also needing that, as well as replacing the chain and sprockets. There was supposed to be one more person bringing his bike over to work on it, too, but he didn't end up making it. My goal was to do as much of the work as I could do, baring my lack of muscle power, in order to learn as much as I could.

I took Lori for a spin around the neighborhood (before & after) and that was fun. We went for ice at the corner store, and boy were we seemingly the most exciting thing all day. Two women on a rig, you don't see that everyday, I guess. Bill is thinking about adding Ural rig to his 'fleet.' They went for a spin together, also. I think that may have sealed the deal ; )
Taking apart the "F"
Well, Dave's bike is certainly not so simple! They took off what seemed like a million parts, panels and screws. His oil change is a multi-step process, and frankly, what my dad would have called a P.I.T.A.
Dave and Bill and the "F" minus the Swing Arm
Karla gets ready to work on her bike. No Princess and the Pea Here.
Karla loosening her drain plug
Well, turns out the DVD that Ural puts out is really great! Shows exactly how to do each specified job. The 'boys' got started on Dave's bike, and I started to watch the Oil Change footage. Then I just went for it. Wow- this bike is so easy to work on, even I could do it! I changed the engine oil, the transmission oil, and checked the final drive oil.
Karla playing supervisor
The Shop
Casa de Bill
Turn your head and cough
Bill spares no expense on shop stools ;-) Left to Right: Clark, Roy, Dave, Jim, Karla
Putting the Oil Filter back in place
Fill 'er up?
Of course, Bill knew exactly what to do, and all went smoothly. I must say, looking at Dave's bike all in pieces under any other circumstances would have been extremely alarming!! But, with all the extra hands around and Bill directing the show, all was accomplished.
I did have to request muscle assistance for the final drive, but I did all the rest myself. I am now addicted! I want to learn how to do EVERYTHING!!! I am so excited that it really is so very simple (so far, anyway!) I am going to watch all the rest of the videos and figure out what I want to do next!
New Chain and Sprockets
We broke for lunch and has some really excellent BBQ that Lori went and brought back for us.

And a Cold One :-)

Anyway, we had a great time and I am so excited to finally have found a way to learn about this. (I have asked my dealer if I could pay one of the mechanics for a basic engine 101 class, but that fell on deaf ears.) And I have great confidence and trust in Bill's abilities. I can't get over how nice it is that he let us use his place and tools and everything.