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Riding 2up to Crown King and Mayer via Senator Hwy

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Video from Camera Mounted on Bike

Maggie Mine Rd
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Maggie Mine Rd
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Photos from Ride

01-Jim Fuels his Dakar

01-Jim Fuels his Dakar.jpg

02-Trail Shot

02-Trail Shot.jpg

03-Jim and Jeff

03-Jim and Jeff.jpg

04a-Jeffs Fender Mount Snaps

04a-Jeffs Fender Mount Snaps.jpg

04b-Fixing Fender

04b-Fixing Fender.jpg

04c-Jim and Karla

04c-Jim and Karla.jpg

04d-Make Shift Fix

04d-Make Shift Fix.jpg

04e-Back in Action

04e-Back in Action.jpg

05-Jim Looking Lost

05-Jim Looking Lost.jpg

05a-Trail Shot

05a-Trail Shot.jpg

05b-Trail Shot

05b-Trail Shot.jpg

05c-Maggie Mine Rd

05c-Maggie Mine Rd.jpg

05d-Maggie Mine Rd

05d-Maggie Mine Rd.jpg

06-Jim Riding Magie Mine Rd

06-Jim Riding Magie Mine Rd.jpg

07-Passing Thru Bumble Bee

07-Passing Thru Bumble Bee.jpg

08-Trail Shot

08-Trail Shot.jpg

09a-Drop Somthing

09a-Drop Somthing.jpg

09b-Frnt SubFender Snapped

09b-Frnt SubFender Snapped.jpg

10-Jeff Waits while I hold up the Show

10-Jeff Waits while I hold up the Show.jpg

11-Group Shot

11-Group Shot.jpg

20-Broke Turn Signals

20-Broke Turn Signals.jpg

20-More Trouble

20-More Trouble.jpg

20a-Time for Photo Ops

20a-Time for Photo Ops.jpg

20b-Time for Photo Ops

20b-Time for Photo Ops.jpg

21c-Zip Tie Fix

21c-Zip Tie Fix.jpg





24a-Trail Shot

24a-Trail Shot.jpg

24b-Trail Shot

24b-Trail Shot.jpg

25-Trail Shot

25-Trail Shot.jpg

26-Crown King

26-Crown King.jpg

27-Crown King

27-Crown King.jpg

28-Crown King

28-Crown King.jpg

29-Crown King

29-Crown King.jpg

30-Crown King

30-Crown King.jpg

31-Crown King

31-Crown King.jpg

32-Cindy's Cafe

32-Cindy's Cafe.jpg

33-Cafe Dog and Karla

33-Cafe Dog and Karla.jpg

39-Sentor Hwy

39-Sentor Hwy.jpg

40-Sentor Hwy

40-Sentor Hwy.jpg

41-Sentor Hwy

41-Sentor Hwy.jpg



43-Sentor Hwy

43-Sentor Hwy.jpg

44-Sentor Hwy

44-Sentor Hwy.jpg

45-Sentor Hwy

45-Sentor Hwy.jpg

46-Sentor Hwy

46-Sentor Hwy.jpg

47-Sentor Hwy

47-Sentor Hwy.jpg





50-F650GS Right at Home

50-F650GS Right at Home.jpg



52-Sentor Hwy

52-Sentor Hwy.jpg


Riding 2up to Crown King and Mayer via Senator Hwy -- -- 1/15/2006