Doggie Report Card
When told to wait, Gulliver will not enter or exit a doorway or car. This was the first command Gulliver was taught, and is very good at waiting! No treat or reward is used for this command.
No Lick
Reviled by some, loved by others, no licking (kisses) is something I always teach my dogs early on. Guliiver will not lick faces even if a face is within an inch of his.
This has been a tricky one for Gulliver as he has a tendency to always be sitting. It is hard to train a dog to do something he is already doing. We continue to work on this one. A treat is often used for training, but is not required for this command.
Lay Down
Gulliver is getting up to speed with this command and is very good at performing this in a training environment and even staying laid down until released. However, once there are distractions, he is still learning to stay focused.
This is probably one of the most humiliating tricks we make dogs do, and that is to balance a treat on his nose and then, when the release command is given, catch it. Gulliver is very good at performing this trick even in a distracting environment.
Hold it
Very unnatural for a dog, this command requires him to hold a piece of food in his mouth and not eat/swallow it until given the release command.
Training for this has not yet begun. It will be part 2 of lay down. The reason for this is to put G in a submissive, but trusting posture. The reason for this command is that Gulliver often has a hard time with larger dogs.
Off (AKA get down) is a command to tell G to get off the furniture. This is definitely a weak point for him. When told off (especially the bed) he will sometimes hunker down and have to be physically lead off the bed. This will improve with practice and I am to blame for not working with him enough.
Leave It
Leave it allows us to leave food around without G getting the item. For example, if you prepare dinner and set you plate in the living room and return to the kitchen for you drink, ideally the dog will not touch the plate. G is very good at this when we are in the house. We will even set plates of food in the middle of the floor and he will leave it for hours at a time. However, if items are left out within easy reach and we step out of the house, the plate will be licked clean when we return.
Personally I don't believe that the leash is part of walking a dog but should be used more as a training tool. To this end, Gulliver is a great walker, staying right with me on or off a leash until released to roam.
Riding the Motorcycle
Gulliver rides on the back of Karla's Spyder Motorcycle. When told to, he will jump up on the back and get in to his kennel that is mounted on the back of the bike.